Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Velvet Sack Racers

I have no bird news, or indeed much else to report today, the day was fine at first and grim at the last. The picture of the drake pochard here was taken in the fine bit.
I spent the day blowing leaves and clearing small trees from under the electricity lines, which largely accounts for the lack of bird sightings.
I realised after yesterday's post that I had forgotten to mention perhaps the best sight of the day. We were sorting out the diaries up to the end of the year and sitting beside the Centre pond as we did so, when a rustling was heard. The Michelle then spotted a mole which dashed out and back from the picket fence. Then as we watched two moles came racing, yes racing, along the fence edge over the stones. We assume one was chasing the other off, the lead mole nipped through the fence and slipped into the pond, swam a short way and disappeared under the boardwalk. Running over the stones they were surprisingly fast although they had the look of a small mammal in a sack race.

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