Saturday, 9 May 2009

A fox in the night and a snake in the pond

Unfortunately the run of failure by the waders nesting on the shore of Ibsley Water continues. There have now been five nests of Lapwing predated, the Little Ringed Plovers which were so close to hatching have gone and today even the Oystercatchers have lost their clutch. These Oystercatchers had seen off Great Black-backed Gulls and Crows, but perhaps a fox in the night was too much for them.

On the plus side the pair of Ringed Plovers that appeared a few days ago are still around and look as though they will attempt to nest. The female of the pair came right past the hide at lunchtime and I got a few pictures, one of which is here. The failed pair of Little Ringed Plovers are still present and should try again and of the failed Lapwings one are already back on eggs. Other waders today were a single each of Whimbrel and Dunlin as well as the usual Redshanks, I could not find the Black-tailed Godwit today though.

Also from the Tern hide on Ibsley Water today the pair of Pintail still present in the morning and at least 2 Hobbies around the middle of the day.

The mostly sunny weather today brought out a good few insects and there are now lots of damselflies around, including more Demoiselles, this recently emerged Beautiful Demoiselle was near the Ivy North hide this afternoon, there were also good numbers of Dingy Skippers there still as well. It was also a good day for snakes and I saw at least four Grass Snakes and a large one was reported in the Center pond in the afternoon.

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