Saturday, 18 September 2010

I Miss Ibis

I took the day off today, did a bit of birdwatching, very relaxing. Then, this evening I hear there has been a glossy ibis on the reserve this afternoon, wandering around the shore of Ibsley Water. It just so happens this is a species I have never seen in Britain, although some would say this has been laziness on my part, but still it remains the case. I am obviously not a twitcher, if I was I would have seen an ibis by now, but I do like to see a new species from time to time and to miss one in such circumstances, well you can imagine.

Mind you it is a great record for the reserve and especially valuable as we have been short of a few species this year and we need to add a some unexpected extras if we are to win our category in the BTO Birds and Business Challenge. I just wish that they were ones I had seen before if they are going to turn up on days when I am not on site!


  1. Pictures of the glossy ibis have been posted on the goingbirding site. You can use the picture for the blog if you'd wish.

  2. Ha, it just goes to show..... I was lucky enough to see the glossy ibis but at the time was very disappointed having just spent an hour at Ivy South in the vain hope that a kingfisher might appear. Maybe next time...

  3. I'd be very pleased to get a copy of your picture. It can be sent to, it will be the rarest bird we will have featured so far.