Thursday, 12 November 2009

Seeking hide and December in November

Blashford is somewhat in turmoil, the Ivy South hide has gone, demolished to make way for the new one and today the Woodland hide was out of action as we had to dig up the approach track. Even the Goosander hide was not immune as I felled the sallow and two birches there to allow space for the extension to the Sand Martin bank. However getting the activity over in a short burst should mean that things will be disrupted for the shortest time possible.

In a brief look at Ibsley Water first thing this morning I noted five redhead Goldeneye and two adult drakes, so there has obviously been a further arrival, I also saw that there were three Bewick's Swans recorded in the log book there on Tuesday. They were a family and echo a family with two juveniles at just about the same time last year.

A Fieldfare or two calling in the alders south of the Centre were the first I have had at Blashford this season, but otherwise work and increasingly terrible weather resulted in no other birds of note being seen, at least by me.

The moth trap was quite productive, with 14 Feathered Thorns and the first December Moths.

The rain might get the Sea Trout on the move, I often look for them at this time of year, but I suspect that when the Dockens Water is running high enough for then to pass up it is also too turbid for me to see them, still I will take a look tomorrow.

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