Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tracks in the snow

A further thin layer of snow overnight resulted in a good display of tracks this morning. As usual there were lots of Rabbit, Fox and Grey Squirrel tracks, but this time also a good few of Badger as well. They usually tend to stay in the warm in cold weather, but perhaps the slight rise in temperatures yesterday tempted them out. The set below shows the rather round Badger tracks, the two paw prints overlapping with a row of four toe prints in a line and the large claw marks. The smaller tracks are of Rabbit with a slight cover of snow and the larger print at the bottom is of a Fox.
Despite some further thaw the foxes are still going well out onto the ice on Ibsley Water, obviously confident that it will hold them.

The grim weather today made seeing much wildlife difficult, although there were at least 3 Brambling near the Centre again.

Finishing off the last bit of clearing up of some cut trees beside the Ivy silt pond it was pleasing to hear Cetti's Warbler still calling there and also Water Rail. A sorrier sight was an injured Buzzard, clearly in difficulty, but still too active to catch, alongside the path to the Ivy South hide. I doubt it will survive for long, but then conditions such as these are what separate the weak from the strong and so an integral part of evolution.

On Ibsley water as I locked the Tern hide at least 290 Tufted Duck had come into roost and good numbers of Goosander were scattered about the lake.

The Red-crested Pochard were again reported from Blashford Lake today.

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