Thursday, 9 September 2010

Yesterday may have brought surprises, but if there were any gems today they were too well hidden for me. Opening the Tern hide, 10 of the Egyptian geese were on the shore just outside the hide, they took to the water allowing me my best shot so far of them. I later realised the other six were on the western shore of the lake. Otherwise 2 common sandpiper were about as interesting as it got, there was no sign of either the black-necked grebe or curlew sandpiper of yesterday. Hirundines numbers have dropped right off, with just a few sand martins over the lake and small numbers of swallows flying over moving southwards.
The Ivy Lake area was also much less exciting than yesterday, although a hobby sitting on the Wessex Water Treatment Works was a good sight. My picture is not very good but about the best I have.
The volunteer task today was on the south shore of Ivy Lake where we were once again tackling patches of Himalayan balsam that were either missed or have grown again since earlier clearance. An old dog run and various junk was also collected for disposal and the trees that have been increasingly obscuring the view from the south screen were cut back. Apart form a good range of fungi there was little of interest. Several of the fly agaric fungi had been eaten away, evidently not everything finds them poisonous.

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