Thursday, 7 October 2010

Busy and a Big Blue Hint of Things to Come?

No pictures and not a lot to report, there may have been things around but it was a very busy day. Volunteers in working during the morning, trimming willows and collecting plants for the rafts. All afternoon both Jim and I were busy with a Water Company conference group visit and of course we had to help eat some of the food provided for lunch, the trials of working at Blashford.

During lunch the sun had brought out a grass snake which was swimming in the pond behind the Centre, it could be the last one of the year, although with the temperatures predicted for the next few days I am sure they will be out and about for a while yet. During the afternoon we took the delegates on a guided walk, at the Goosander hide the great white egret was putting on a good show, there were also some goosander, appropriately enough.

Otherwise all I have to report is a couple of black-tailed godwit on Ibsley Water and 3 goosander flying out from the roost when I opened up first thing.

The next few days promise warm winds from the south, at this time of year that may not mean birds, but it could well produce migrant moths. Some of the most spectacular southern species can turn up at this time of year. By way of proof, when I got home and opened up my moth trap there was a Clifden nonpareil in it, this is a huge "underwing" moth, similar to, but larger than, a red underwing, but with black and blue hind wings. Perhaps it was a foretaste of things to come.

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