Monday, 11 July 2011

Arches and Underwings

Just a quick update tonight as it is already late. This morning on Ibsley Water a green sandpiper and two fine summer plumage black-tailed godwit were on the shore just outside the Tern hide and more unusually a whitethroat was singing from the brambles on the car park ban. For some reason I do not fully understand whitethroat are very rare on the reserve apart from a scattering of youngsters on passage int he late summer and autumn, this was only my second singing bird in five summers!
The moth trap was quite busy, nothing unusual, but black arches are always nice to see, I don't think any two are quite the same, this one is a male with big, feathery antennae.
There were also a couple of broad bordered yellow underwing, even without the brilliantly coloured underwing showing they are very smart moths indeed.
Apart from that I have little to reports from today, we did a guided walk in the morning and I was off site in the afternoon. I suspect this is going to be a rather frustrating week, I have a lot of on-site work to do but am tied up elsewhere, or with other tasks that I cannot avoid for far too much of the time. I expect a lot of this week's work is going to have to get done next week.

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