Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Clear(ed) View

Bird News: Iblsey Water - great white egret 1.
The bird news was a bit thin as I was working with the volunteers all day. Actually only two were ion but this was an ideal number for the tasks we had to do. Firstly we repaired the gate which had been damaged by whomsoever it was that used the reserve to get into the old block plant on Sunday night. The sooner this site is cleared the better it attracts break-ins with monotonous regularity and attendant damage to the access with broken padlocks, gates etc.
We then got down to clearing the view form the screen overlooking Mockbeggar Lake form the path to the Lapwing hide. Below is the "view" before we started.
Actually it is not really right to call it a view as you cannot see anything, However after we worked on it for a bit it became possible to see the lake again.
There is still scope for more clearance but we will be working on this lake during the winter so things will change quiet a bit in any case.
In the afternoon we relocated one of the web cams, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, it turns up.
At the end of the day I briefly saw the great white egret on Ibsley Water, where there were also rather more lesser black-backed gulls than I would have expected at such an early time. I may have another look at the roost tomorrow evening.
The occasional sunshine did tempt out a southern hawker dragonfly by the Centre pond at lunchtime and there were a few red admiral around again. Otherwise insects were few and the moth trap unremarkable after a rather cool night.

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