Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Big Bank Bonus comes to Blashford

Today's job was to install the pipes in which the Sand Martins will nest into the new length of bank to the west of the Goosander hide. As each layer of pipes was installed the back of the bank is filled with rejects, large stones that will ensure good drainage. Each pipe is one metre long and filled with sand and we put in just over one hundred. All that remains is to finish off the top of the bank, render the face of the wall and tidy up the entrance holes. Even though it was bitter winter out there today the fist Sand Martins will be back with us within about three weeks, so we have to get a move on to complete the job.
Wildlife today included the 11 White-fronted Geese again on Ibsley Water for a few minutes in late morning, the Smew reported again from Rockford Lake (near east bank) and 16 Brambling reported at the Woodland hide.

I noticed the adult Mute Swans on Ivy Lake are getting quite aggressive towards their two cygnets from last year, they have not driven them away yet, but I don't think it will be long before they do.

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