Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Goosanders, Goosanders and some Bewick's Swans

Another cold day, the more so for the increasing NNE wind. Looking from the Tern hide first thing was difficult and the birds were few. Almost all the duck were cowering under the northern shore, the most obvious exception were goldeneye, in fact a drake was displaying just north of the hide. Drake goldeneye are splendid to look. At the risk of projecting human frailties onto a duck, I would have to say that he looked as though he knew he was looking good, although at the same time he also somehow seemed quite bonkers.

Elsewhere a calling Cetti's warbler at the Ivy North hide was the most interesting. Later in the day the feeders were busy but apart from a few brambling there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I got over to the Goosander hide later in the day and watched the goosander arriving, by the time I had to leave at 16:05 there were at least 138 birds, although there were more around by the Lapwing hide and as they usually arrive right up to dark there should have been a good few still to come. If it were possible to organise a count there could be as many as 180 or even 200. fine though the goosander were the highlight was a group of 4 Bewick's swan which flew in calling. There were three adults in the valley, but these seemed to be new birds as they were 3 adults and a juvenile, as far as I know the first juvenile seen in the valley this winter.

The gull roost continues to decline, or at least the lesser black-backed gull do, common gull numbers are still on the rise with a few hundred.

We have no snow as yet, but that may change tonight, hopefully I will still be able to get into the reserve tomorrow. To judge by the observations on the coast today there are starting to be significant movements of birds so some may fetch up at Blashford.

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