Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Is there anyone out there?!

After a quick walk around this morning to see what was about the answer is not much. Looking out over the lakes I could hear the wildfowl but couldn't see a thing, the lakes remain frozen despite the warmer temperatures which have thawed the snow and the thawing snow has created a thick fog! I managed to make out the silhouettes of mallard and teal close to the western shore of Rockford Lake. The last remaining patch of water in front of the screen on Ivy lake has finally frozen over and there are now just a handful of mallard and teal standing there on the ice. The reserve has a steady flow of visitors who seem to be heading to Ivy North hide in search of the bittern which was seen there yesterday (no news yet) and to the woodland hide which is busy as always with feeding birds. I will give a further update later today, if you are visiting the reserve please take extra care as the car parks and paths are still very icy....

12:30pm - I have just been informed by a visitor that the bittern is once again outside Ivy north hide, they watched it eat a roach! The bearded tits are also about by the same hide.

1:30pm - I went to Ivy North hide, and just my luck couldn't see the bittern but I did get a fantastic view of my first cetti's warbler!

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