Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The End of the Challenge

I spent a time today finishing off the paperwork for the BTO Business Challenge, although I have concentrated on the bird list element of this it also covers education, conservation and community involvement, hopefully all the things we do at Blashford. To stick to the bird list for now, I think we have finished on 164 species for 2010, there were eighteen new ones in the last quarter. I am not sure if this will be enough to win out category, at the start I thought 170 would definitely win and 165 had a good chance, although I was not sure that we could get all that close to such a total. We will now have to wait and see how we have done, in any event it has been interesting and I will put together the full list, with one or two possible extra species that only flew over.

Today's birds included the same party of 9 Bewick's swan a yesterday morning on Ibsley Water. Once again they were still on the lake after 08:00, this time feeding around the largest island in the north-west corner of the lake. At the Ivy North hide I once again had good views of the bittern and also saw a Cetti's warbler. Although all this was before 9 o'clock, a good start to the day, it was also just about all I saw during the day.

Unfortunately I got news that the concrete plant next top the main car park had been broken into again, this time it seems they went in during the day either yesterday or the day before. The risk of being caught breaking in was overcome by having first removed the padlock and replacing it with one of their own, presumably to make it look as though they were there officially if seen going in!

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