Friday, 28 January 2011

Reports and the Promise of Hot Drinks

I spent most of the day on tasks incompatible with seeing birds, so what follows is based almost entirely on reports received. After no bittern yesterday, it seems two were seen on and off for a good part of the day today, what is more the great white egret also put in an appearance on Ivy Lake again. I did count at least 81 shoveler on Ivy Lake late in the day, a very high count for this lake. I was also told the red-breasted merganser was again on Ibsley Water at the end of the afternoon.

Away from the water, brambling and lesser redpoll were in good numbers at the feeders, although I don't think anyone saw a mealy redpoll today. I heard a singing treecreeper this morning, I think the first I have heard this year. Their high, thin song is quiet obvious early in the spring, but it gets lost in the mass of song in the average woodland later in the season. I have noticed before that to survey them effectively it is important to do at least two visits in March, when they are quite easy to pick out.

Lastly and this may please a number who have requested one, we are shortly to get a hot drinks machine in the Centre, as a trial initially, but if it goes well it should be for the long term.

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  1. Picture of the Bittern from North Ivy Hide taken on the 29th Jan