Wednesday, 9 March 2011


No sign of the lesser spotted woodpecker this morning when I opened up the hides, however the bittern was lurking in the reeds near the Ivy North hide, the picture shows a "typical" view.
From the Ivy South hide the female smew was just off to the left of the hide, although it now seems to be alone as I could see no sign of the young drake and I don't think it has been seen for three or four days. The ringers were in this morning, not many birds were caught, although they did get the lesser redpoll in the picture. It is an adult male and has a very fine red poll, it was actually a recapture and had originally been ringed at Blashford last winter.
At lunchtime I went over to the Tern hide, the Centre being busy with a school group. It was well worth it, a flock of at least 9 sand martin appeared over the lake, the first of the year, we finished the bank just in time! The 2 black-necked grebe were also in view, although about as far apart as possible, one by the western shore and the other by the eastern. A pair of Mediterranean gull were on the gull island and the oystercatchers were making a great noise. At the end of the day the gull roost was being spooked by the same peregrine as yesterday and at least 54 goosander gathered to roost, although I left quite early so there will have been more later.
The moth trap had a lot of individuals, but only one new species for the year, a grey shoulder knot, which is another one of the species that hibernate as an adult.

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