Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mysterious, Morphing Moulds

I had speculated that perhaps two of the slime moulds I had pictured recently might have been the same, just at slightly different stages, however going to them again now that they are "fruiting" shows they were quite different. The white one with the somewhat rice pudding texture developed black, stalked structures. The upper picture is the original mass, the lower is what it developed into in close up.
Meanwhile the other one with a rather cauliflower look did develop into the white blobs and then the white surface cracked and the fruiting stage ends in a black blob. Again the sequence of shots of the same organisms, albeit from different angles.

I did not see a lot of wildlife on the reserve today as I was away for a good part of the day at a team meeting. Opening up the hides there were 9 shelduck on Ibsley Water, four pairs and single drake. In the woodland there were still a good few brambling and I did see a very few lesser redpoll and siskin, so they have not all gone. At the Ivy North hide I heard calling water rail, surely it will be gone soon.

Regular visitors to the reserve will probably be pleased to hear that the entrance track was graded and the potholes filled today, I think we have got in just in time as it has to be done when dry and it is due to rain tonight.

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