Friday, 24 June 2011

Freestyle shot

When I opened the Tern hide this morning the young roe buck was on the shore just east of the hide. I was quite pleased to get the shot below as it was digi-scoped, but I cannot attach my telescope to the tripod at present so this is the scope proped on the window ledge and hand supported with the camera held up to the eyepiece, sort of "freestyle digi-scoping".
The best of the day was first thing, with bright sunshine, which got lots of insects out to bask, amongst them the hoverfly Xylota segnis in the suntrap behind the Ivy South hide.
Out on the lake a brood of gadwall was only the second I have seen this year. The common tern chicks continue to do well with more flying every day.
I got the mower back today and gave it a run out to see that it was going properly, before I take it out to distant parts of the Ibsley Water shore. Incidentally I found a few lurking Himalayan balsam plants and picking my way through the nettles to get to them I spotted a fine clump of small fungi on an alder stump.
The weather is promised to warm up and the wind turn to the south, so we can hope for some migrant insects next week.

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