Thursday, 2 June 2011


After not being in for a few days, as ever much had changed. The oystercatcher pair have got at least one chick running around, she had been sitting so long that I assumed they must have hatched. I suspect she was not willing to expose the chicks as the island they nest on often has a mass of herring and lesser black-backed gull on it. Oystercatchers feed their young, so unlike say a lapwing, it does not need to run around looking for food itself. On the subject of lapwing, the pair near the Tern hide still have at least one chick growing well and another female is still sitting on eggs.

On Ivy Lake the common tern chicks have been hatching for a week or so, some are now running around on the rafts, although several other pairs are still incubating eggs. So far things are looking good with lots of fish being brought in, so hopefully they will have another good year.

The moth catch was quite good, although the highlight, by some distance, was a male goat moth, only the second I have ever seen.

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