Friday, 27 May 2011

Showing the Way

The moth trap contained my first large yellow underwing of the year this morning, these moths emerge around early to mid-June in most years then promptly go into hiding until later in the summer and autumn when they have their main flight to mate and breed. On the face of it this seems rather a strange strategy, but it is one that obviously works, as they are one of the commonest moths of late summer.
There are family parties of great spotted woodpecker all over the place now and the pair nearest the centre have been initiating their young into the ways of the bird feeders. The young were sitting about on the signs waiting to be brought peanuts.

It is obviously important for the adults to teach their young about the ways of the world, such as where the food is to be found.

The woodpeckers are not the only birds after the peanuts though. Jays have trouble at this time of the year as their acorn stores are now gone, so our feeders are particularly attractive to them.

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