Friday, 13 May 2011

Three Damsels on Bramble

Headlines: Yellow wagtail (first of the year), dunlin, common sandpiper, 2 black-tailed godwit.

I was not working today, but I found I had gone home with a set of keys, so I went in first thing to return them. As the day was fine I took the SLR with me for a bit of a run out. I opened up the hides and from the Tern hide I saw that at least two of the black-tailed godwit are still there. I also heard a yellow wagtail flying over calling as if went north, I tried but just could not see it. I also heard dunlin and common sandpiper without seeing them.

Down at the Ivy South hide the suntrap had a good range of insects and I got a few pictures of damselflies. First up was, appropriately enough the first one to emerge each spring, the large red damsel.
Next was the commonest species at Blashford, the common blue damselfly. Strangely enough this usually abundant species became very rare at Farlington Marshes in my last few seasons there, I have no idea why.

Lastly I got a large red damselfly, these can be trickier as they mainly like to rest on floating water plants, although this one was on a bramble.

I spent the rest of the day out in the Forest and on a "Micro-safari" on the collapsing cliffs at Barton-on-Sea, I should have been doing the garden.


  1. Hi Robert,
    I think you have mis-named the third damselfly. It's a red-eyed isn't it?
    Lovely photos of them.

  2. Yes indeed Lori, I meant to say large red-eyed damselfly, the large red is the first one. Just shows I should read it through more carefully.