Friday, 30 April 2010

Diamonds and Rings

Opened up the Tern hide to be greeted by a calling Little Ringed Plover just in front of the hide in the sunshine. This is the male that has replaced the ringed bird that was nesting there until the nest was predated. The two males have been competing for the space for some days and it seem the newcomer has triumphed, although it might be a hollow victory as he does not seem to have a mate. The only other bird of note was a single Arctic Tern flying about with the Common Terns.
The moth trap contained little that was new apart from the first migrants of the year in the form of 2 Diamond-backed Moths, these tiny moths are often one of the most abundant migrants, perhaps this is going to be a year for migrants, last year was one of the poorest for many years.
At the Ivy South hide I finally got a good look at the female Lesser Black-backed Gull, I could see it had a blue colour-ring but had not been able to read it. It turns out to have AP written on it in white, I think this is the same bird that was there in both of the last two years, but I will have to check the records to confirm this.
Woodpeckercam came back online today, I will get some captured images, but for now the picture below gives something of the flavour of what can been seen on the screen in the lobby of the Education Centre.

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