Thursday, 22 April 2010

Out to Impress in the Sun

Another fine day and with the wind a bit more favourable a few migrants had arrived with a party of about 10 Swift noisily circling for much of the morning, at least 3 Common Sandpiper and 2 Common Tern on Iblsey Water and the first Garden Warbler. A Cuckoo was calling again around Ivy Lake and, as reminders of the winter there was still a duck Goldeneye, 3 Wigeon and a few Goosander all on Ibsley Water.

Most species are getting on with trying to breed now, many of the Black-headed Gulls are settled on their island on Ibsley Water but some are still out to impress potential mates, the male below was trying very hard with lots of tail fanning, wing-dropping and calling.
The potential partner he was attempting to impress was a first year bird and the picture below shows how much larger male gulls are than their mates.
Although the Little Ringed Plovers have lost their eggs the pair is still present and they too were displaying and will probably make another attempt soon. The picture shows the female, her throat is slightly puffed out as she was calling gently.
The Thursday volunteers were in today and gave the Centre a spring wash-down and filled in some of the potholes in the track, it is amazing what fourteen people can do in a couple of hours. It left me free to spend most of the afternoon answering the emails and phone calls that had stacked up as I had not been at Blashford for almost a week. Oh, the wonders of the outdoor life!

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