Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Openings and Moth Mysteries

The Blashford Badgers are very active at the moment with lots of new holes being opened up and old ones cleaned out, hopefully this mean there are lots of cubs and perhaps they will get easier to watch. the hole in the picture is a new one opened to the north of the main sett and not connected directly to it, the silty ground makes for easy digging.
The moth trap contained a few more species new for the year. A Pale Prominent was newly hatched but the two others were actually species that hibernate as adults and the moths would be something like seven months old now. The species were a Pale Pinion looking very fresh and pictured below, a local species of woodland and a Dotted Chestnut, which flew away before I could get a picture. This last is quite scarce and the larvae have rarely been found in the wild, those that have been found often seem to favour apple trees and possibly have an association with ants but this is still to be confirmed. Who says there is nothing left to discover?
Birds today were rather unremarkable, or at least much as yesterday. The most interesting exception was a Yellow Wagtail which flew over the Centre when we were eating lunch, sadly a record that does not count towards our BTO Business Challenge total. A singing Sedge Warbler at the Ivy North hide was certainly of interest as they are usually only in the reeds near the Lapwing hide.

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