Sunday, 18 April 2010

Peregrine and Plovers

It's been another relatively busy, warm sunny day. The cuckoo was heard again today, the first of the year for many visitors. Butterflies seen fluttering around included peacock, comma and brimstone and a Green-veined white was seen along the path between Dockens Water and Ellingham Lake.

The peak of activity came today when a Peregrine falcon was seen hunting a pigeon over the silt pond, this dramatic event was seen by a couple who were by the lake at the time on the look out for kingfishers. Sadly the falcon was disturbed and so has abandoned its kill on the path between the Woodland hide and Ivy South Hide. Unfortuantely the bird was a racing pigeon and the owners have been informed.

Nest update: Unfortunately it looks like the Little Ringed Plovers have lost their eggs. Yesturday the Little Ringed Plover was sitting in the scrape and visitors were able to count 4 eggs, but today the Little Ringed Plover is back down by the water's edge with no sign of the eggs.

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