Friday, 15 April 2011


Once again today was relatively quiet, with not many visitors and few new birds about. There are still not more than 5 common tern about, but at least one had found the rafts by the end of the day. Opening up the hides yesterday's garden warbler was still singing away near the Ivy South hide and I got one picture of it in full song. Before the tern found the rafts they had already been occupied by black-headed and lesser black-backed gulls. The latter included a colour-ringed female, I have not yet checked back but I am pretty sure it it the same one that was there last year and the year before and had been ringed as a nestling in the West Country.

Out and about I did hear my first cuckoo of the year, whilst on the screen in the Centre I saw my first palmate newt of the year via "Pondcam".

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