Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Nature Trail!

Today was another gloriously sunny day! It was also the first day of our Easter Nature Trail which is also running tomorrow Sat 23rd April 10am-2pm. One child participating in the Easter Nature Trail made a fantastic discovery of a dragonfly exuviae on the Docken's Water path behind the Education Centre. Nell discovered this skin of a recently emerged dragonfly nymph measuring approx. 40mm in length. After spending a good while looking and photographing it and looking through the books I have narrowed it down to possibly a Darter of some kind. Given the location it must have emerged from the Docken's Water or Ellingham Lake.

Another visitor to the reserve was lucky enough to see a cuckoo from the Goosander hide which flew up and posed on a fence post, allowing him to get a fantastic photograph.

I don't have the photograph to show you but I do have an Easter Nature Challenge for you all to do from the comfort of your own home! See if you can identify some of these beasties from the moth trap...

This last one was doing a fantastic performance of playing dead - but when my back was turned he flew away!

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  1. Foxglove Pug
    Nut-tree Tussock
    White Ermine
    Ichneumon Wasp
    Cockchafer/May Bug