Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A shower of finches and a welcome hot drink

It was wet windy and 'orrible opening up this morning, but the finches appear to be oblivious - the noise of the brambling is extraordinarily loud, nearly drowning out the song of the other birds around the Woodland Hide where there were plenty of redpoll and siskin feeding too. Can't see them venturing away again too quickly as long as the weather stays like this. It is on days like this that a hot drink is always most welcome and I am pleased to report that the coffee machine that was promised a couple of months ago and that then arrived last week and sat in the lobby un-plumbed and un-stocked is finally all sorted and vending at last. It's here on a trial basis, but as long as the vending machine operator is happy with the level of use and as long as it does not cause unanticipated problems for us, it should hopefully stay. All the same, however welcome a hot drink is on a day like today, if the weather stays like this I'm not sure how many visitors there will be to try it out!

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  1. I think Blashford Lakes is a series of former gravel pits surrounded by grassland and willow, birch and alder woodland. The Dockens Water stream flows through the reserve and is bounded by ancient woodland of oak and beech. March has seen lots of sunshine and spring powering along. The sand martins are excavating their burrows and the lapwings are about to lay eggs.