Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Life on the Wall

Bird News: Ibsley Water- Drake red-crested pochard again, 300+ sand martin and c100 swallow with at least 3 swift by the end of the day. Black swan still and several Egyptian geese.
The moth trap was again quiet, although not quite as empty as yesterday, I just hope it improves by Friday for my moth event. I did spot the harvestman below on the wall of the Centre by the trap. It is a species I had not seen on the reserve before, Dicranopalpus ramosus a Mediterranean species that arrived in Britain along the south coast a few years ago and is steadily spreading northward.
"Bugs" on the buildings were a bit of a theme today, on the door of the store I found three stages of harlequin ladybird, in order below, the larva,
the pupa,
and an adult.
Harlequin ladybirds are also alien species of course, but they come from much further afield, originally south-east Asia, although they are all across North America and Europe now.

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