Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lots of Blashford Wildlife

Bird News: Ibsley Water- ruff, juvenile male still present, 2 juvenile turnstone, 3 ringed plover, a juvenile little ringed plover, 32 shoveler, c1000 sand martin and 2+ swift.
Ivy Lake - green sandpiper, a shoveler and a teal.
I did a bit of a "Bioblitz" on the reserve today, although the weather did not help and i intend to try and add to the list tomorrow. At the Centre the raft spider was still in residence on the pond, although I got a better picture of a pair of common pond skaters with a fallen common wasp.
By the end of the day I had 293 species listed in my notebook and a few still to identify. There are some groups I did not do at all and the weather limited the numbers of insects, but not bad for an average day. The list included 66 birds, 7 butterflies, 2 snakes, 201 plants and a scatter of other beasties.
Late news from yesterday included an osprey, and the great white egret, the next few days should bring a few migrants and now the level of Ivy Lake has dropped a not it looks good for waders.

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