Sunday, 21 August 2011

Reports and Captures

I have not actully been at Blashford today but I thought I would share a few reports that have come my way. The great white egret was on the silt pond behind the Lapwing hide and a black tern was on Ibsley Water.
I have also been sent the pictures below from the ringers who have been in twice this weekend catching something like 140 birds including good numbers of willow warblers, which are passing through in some numbers just now and two sparrowhawks.
A single lesser whitethroat was agood catch as they are not at all common on the reserve.
Two juvenile bullfinches will have been reared locally and prove breeding in the area.


  1. Can I say how much we enjoy these blogs. I try to look at them every day and they never fail to impress me. Thank you.
    Chris Warren

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Nothing from me today as I am off for a few days and no news has reached me.