Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tiger, Tiger...

...moths that is. Lots more ruby tigers, as featured in the previous blog entry and re-pictured here and also a stunning garden tiger moth. Once common - as the name suggests, it appears to have declined in recent years. It's caterpillars are the big hairy brown caterpillars that you may remember as a "woolly bear" as a child. Equally lovely, though not as colourful is the cuddly looking oak eggar pictured below.

Too hot for me today and I've spent most of the day prepping for this summers activities, including tomorrows (visitors tomorrow be warned the first of this summers "Playdays" are on! Centre parking will be reserved for disabled visitors and parents dropping off/picking up children).

There were a few dragonflies on the wing, including brown hawker, southern hawker and banded demoiselle at the centre pond. Also of note; Bob had a report of a lesser emperor over Ellingham Pound yesterday.

Bob's away for a few days so please do not expect the usual standard of Blog entries but I shall do my best in his absence!

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