Saturday, 17 September 2011

Acorns - beware

It was a surprisingly warm and pleasant day in the end today - surprising because I drove to work through an absolutely torrential downpour. It only lasted about 20 minutes, but what a 20 minutes it was!

The heading refers to the heavy acorn crop (and indeed beech mast crop too) that there seems to be across the Forest this year and the fact that as they ripen they are starting to drop out of their "cups". One gave me a right clonk on the head by Ivy South Hide this morning - head wear is definitely to be considered before setting out at the moment!

Sadly the flamingo was not around today, but it raised a few smiles while it was here. There were however reports of the ruff still on Ibsley Water, as well as a black necked grebe and many warblers in the reeds/willows between Lapwing and Goosander Hides. Three black terns were also over Ibsley Water for most of the day.

Kingfishers continue to be seen regularly around the reserve, but particularly from Ivy North and South Hides. One bird was posing "picture perfectly" in front of Ivy North when I opened up; periodically plunging for small fish and invertebrates before returning to the same reedmace perch. With birds like kingfishers around who needs flamingos!

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