Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Martins, Martins, Martins

Bird News: Ibsley Water - thousands of sand martin again, 500+ house martin, 1 swift (2 reported), 2 knot, 2 ringed plover, 1 redshank.
A moderate catch of moths last night included a late ruby tiger, a dark swordgrass, otherwise pretty much as expected for the time of year, but including 3 autumnal rustic (pictured below) a sign of the changing season.
There were also a couple each of hedge rustic and the rather beautifully marked feathered gothic.
Although the day was much better than yesterday the number of martins over Ibsley Water may actually have increased, there were certainly thousands, but how many I could not really estimate. There were more house martin, but I failed to see a swallow at all. The swallows have not all gone, in fact this evening I heard that further down the valley there are a pair still incubating their third clutch of eggs! I have seen house martin with young in the nest at the start of October, but never swallows so late.
A visitor to the reserve today found a second raft spider on the Centre pond. This prompted me to look up their life history. I confess I had not appreciated they usually live for three years, so these two should be full grown nest spring, if they survive the winter. Something to look out for next year.

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