Saturday, 24 September 2011

Black Tern Bonanza!

Stuck on car parking duty trying to safely park 400 triathletes "racking" their bikes for the Ellingham Lake starting triathlon event tomorrow morning is not my idea of the best way to spend an afternoon, but considering the number of people coming and going it all went relatively smoothly.

Visitor highlights included the two raft spiders still showing well on the Centre pond, kingfisher and water rail at Ivy North Hide and over Ibsley Water a veritable swarm of black terns! At lunch time there were about 30, but by the end of the day this had gone up to reports of 50 (I had at least 45 birds twice myself). Quite the spectacle - ever so often a lone butterfly could be seen flying west across the water and I didn't see one make it to the other shore, all of them being swept up by a swooping black tern!

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