Thursday, 22 September 2011

Record Turn-out

Bird News: Ibsley Water - ruff 1 juv., knot 1, ringed plover 2 juv., black-tailed godwit 1, black-necked grebe 1, wigeon 13, Egyptian goose 7, house martin c500 (early am.), sand martin c1200 (reported pm)
Ivy Lake - green sandpiper 1, wigeon 11.
It was a very fine day, as is appropriate it being volunteer Thursday. Twenty-two volunteers, I think a record turn-out, continued the clearance of willows from the shore of Ivy Lake. I reckon this area has the potential to become a really good piece of habitat given a few years to develop. Another week and we should be finished and ready to start on the willows beside the Ivy North hide.
The fine weather brought out a good few migrant hawker dragonflies, including one that got into the Centre. The willows seem very popular with ladybirds, several were the ailen harlequins, but most were kidney-spot ladybirds. These are very round and black with two red, kidney-shaped spots and seem to prefer to sit on the tree trunks rather than the leaves.

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