Sunday, 30 May 2010


It was another lovely sunny day at Blashford Lakes. The clouds of damselflies continue to astound me and when I checked the pond behind the centre for dragonflies there were atleast 27 exuviae (dragonfly nymph skins) on the plants around the edge. There was also an Emperor Dragonfly still drying out by the side of the pond. Another noticeable insect was the fascinating Scorpion fly which could be seen along the path from the centre car park to Ivy North Hide.

The awww factor has to go to this chap who was spotted by some visitors sitting just a couple of metres of the path. The photo is taken from the path and you can really see how well camouflaged they are, I walked past it 2 times before finally spotting it!

I apologise my photo's do not do it justice! But if you have really good eyes you may have been able to pick out a very small Roe deer fawn in the centre of the photo.

The visitors who spotted this youngster had seen the mother leave it there, and she wasn't too far away. But I was very surprised to see just how close to the path she had left it. Definitely the highlight of the day!

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