Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Black Day

The last few days of warmth have resulted in a big increase in moth catches. Over the last couple of nights we have caught Lime, Eyed and Poplar Hawk-moths, all new for the year as were Orange Footman, Maiden's Blush, Buff Tip and a number of others. Not all of the insects attracted to the trap are moths and last night's catch included several mayflies, including several like the one in the picture, with darkened wing-tips.
There was one notable bird sighting today, a Black Tern, just when I had given up all hope that we would see one this spring. It spent the day catching insects over Ibsley Water looking as splendid as they always do in breeding plumage, with the velvet black of the underbody contrasting with the white under-tail coverts. Other birds included Hobby and the drake Teal also on Ibsley Water. The Great Spotted Woodpeckers on "Woodpeckercam" are growing fast and now to be seen at the nest hole when the adults come in with food.

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