Monday, 24 May 2010

Goodbye Hobby

Arrived to open the Tern hide to find a Hobby sitting on the stony track east of the hide, no sooner had I got the scope on it than it was chased off by a Magpie. Two Jackdaws then joined the chase which headed off over the Lake. I got one of my "best" worst pictures of the start of events, it is just about possible to make out which bird is which, I hope.
More heat today brought out more dragon and damselflies, I saw Broad-bodied Chaser, several Downy Emerald and a Hairy Dragonfly and lots of damsels including quite a few Beautiful Demoiselle, most like the one in the picture not quite fully coloured yet. There are literally hundreds of Common Blue Damsels out now and with them a few Azure Damsels. At the Ivy South hide the reeds and branches near the shore are packed with masses of shed larval skins and dozens of Red-eyed Damsels are patrolling the lake.

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