Friday, 19 November 2010

Blowing Through Blashford

A minor surprise as I opened up the Tern hide, there were 5 Egyptian geese on Ibsley Water, I rarely see them at this time of the year. Otherwise 2 black-tailed godwit were about the most interesting. Opening up there were a few parties of redwing flying over and several siskin on the feeders, a single male brambling was also under the feeders by the Centre.

The moth trap contained 14 December moth and single red-line quaker, yellow-line quaker and feathered thorn.

Between showers I blew the leaves off the paths and boardwalks, it is a bit of a never ending task but it pays to get them of before they are turned to mush by getting walked on. The tree that fell last week also got some attention, although it took a chainsaw rather than a blower to make an impact. We hope to keep the main body of the trunk as a feature beside the path, it really is a monster. The trimmed branches will make good mini-beasting logs and I also cut a couple of big sections as seats.
At the end of the day I locked up and put food out for the badgers. This has not always been necessary recently as on the frosty nights they have not been coming to take the food, I suspect they have not been venturing out at all.

The starlings were going to roost in the reeds beside Ivy Lake and in the laurel bushes at the main car park entrance the greenfinch roost now numbers well over a hundred birds.

Reports today included the long-tailed duck again on Rockford Lake and the adult Caspian gull on Ibsley Water, with the usual ten or so yellow-legged gull.

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