Saturday, 20 November 2010

Three Blind Mice

A third mouse was caught in our loft today. I think it was yet another yellow necked mouse. The main distinguishing feature between a wood mouse and a yellow necked mouse is whether they have a yellowish streak between their front legs. Both species do, but the yellow necked mouse marking is an uninterrupted streak. This very poor photo almost shows it.

We have been using Longworth traps to catch our mice, they are humane traps which cause minimal discomfort to the animal. The trap consists of 2 parts; a nesting chamber filled with bedding and food (on the right of the photos) and a hinged door operated by a trip wire (on the left). These types of traps are used to survey for small mammals.

If you are interested in monitoring mammals then why not join the Trust's Mammal Group. There are also Species groups for amphibians, reptiles and plants. Find out more here. Membership is free to Wildlife Trust members. Join today!

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