Friday, 5 November 2010

The Day Ends with a Bang

A lot going on but not much to report, at least as far as the wildlife goes. A few redwing flying over early on and a single redpoll going west were the most interesting. Even the moth trap did not contain much, a late and very tatty setaceous hebrew character and a few each of yellow-line Quaker, "November" moths, feathered thorn, large wainscot and a single beaded chestnut.

The Lower Test volunteer team were working on the reserve again today and they have completed putting up the wire to exclude rabbits from the millennium meadow so the grass will grow better and give better habitat for mini-beast hunting.

Looking ahead we have a visit from BBC Autumn Watch coming up, I will post the broadcast time when I know. They are coming to look at birds on the feeders, I just hope there are some to see as this is about the quietest time for our feeders, most of the birds are out in the woods eating natural seeds. Actually I think this is going to be a bumper season for the woodland hide feeders, but not yet. The numbers of finches about are high with good numbers of siskin, redpoll and brambling in the country and they will be looking for food come the New Year so a visit in February could be very productive. There are also lots of waxwing "up north"and who knows perhaps we will get a few if we are very lucky.

At the end of the day a loud band near Ivy Lake gave a brief worry about illegal shooting, but it was probably an early firework set off near Rockford Lake, the wildfowl were througly spooked though and I expect they will be jumpy for a day or two after tonight.


  1. Although they do a good job in entertaining and informing people re wildlife, I think Autumn/Spring watch don't always get things absolutely right! Can't you tell them when the best to time to film birds on feeders is?

  2. Actually they mainly want blue and great tits and the like so they will do fine coming now. Obviously to get the best spectacle sometime after Christmas will be the time to visit.