Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Rain, Wonderful Rain

Today was one of those when you long for the weather to get to the miserable stage, no other word for it, it was grim. Rain from dawn to dusk, although it was very light at dawn and nearly stopped right on sunset.

Still I had to have a look and as I opened the Tern hide 3 shelduck were unexpected, although they promptly flew of high to the south. There were also 8 pintail, all ducks and very jumpy in the middle of the lake, behaving quite differently from the two drakes and a duck near the western shore, so I guess newly arrived. Otherwise 3 dunlin were the only things of note.

After this the rain really set in and I hardly got out all day, on the plus(?) side I did catch up with some of my paperwork. The visitors were few, six all day, but I could not blame people for staying at home.

The moth trap did have a few moths as it was at least not cold overnight. It contained "November" moth 1, mottled umber 1, scarce umber 1, yellow-lined quaker 3, red-lined quaker 2 and chestnut 1. The mouse trap in the loft caught another mouse which was released, hopefully far enough away from the building that it will not come straight back.

As I locked up there were about 3000 starling gyrating over Ivy lake, although they flew off to the south so I am not sure if they roosted in the reeds there or not.

Let's hope for better tomorrow, surely it cannot be worse?

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